Learner Reviews

A small selection of testimonials/feedback from our learners

QQI L6 Emergency Lighting Commissioning & Design course: learner feedback

I now have the skillset to perform both the commissioning and design of emergency lighting systems. The courses have also made me more cognisant of the regulations and their application.

Denis Fitzgerald, Profile Lighting & Power

I feel that this course will now give me more confidence when delivering reports/recommendations and if ever questioned on these recommendations I can now reference back to the standards.

Gary Kenny, CBRE

The differences in legislation and requirements coming from a UK background was daunting at first, but the way the course is laid out it all became more apparent as I went on.

John Logan

I will be able to note more deviations, variations from standard.

Francis Hepburn

The course increased my knowledge of emergency lighting, and I can now view installations from a different angle. It also introduced me to different types of systems.

Chris Ayres, Reconair Services

Discussing the standards and learning how to interpret them in a manner that used real life examples was very beneficial. Derek’s knowledge and guidance on how to read the data sheets for lighting products has been very useful and probably something a lot of engineers/designers are unaware of. Highly recommend this course.

Adrian Feeney, Power Right

The course enabled me to develop a full understanding of the mininum requirements needed for Emergency Lighting.

Jonny McNally, Suretank

I have a better understanding of the requirements of the lighting systems as opposed to just checking operation of systems I now can identify more deviations from standards.

Tony Murphy, Novus

Derek is very knowledgeable on the subject matter. Course was well delivered at an appropriate level. The course will enable me to offer additional services to my clients, and improve some aspects of services already being offered.

Patrick Redmond, Redmond Analytic Services

I know lots more now about requirements for emergency lighting in general. I will be able to advise clients better and be more efficient at work. I can also impart knowledge to colleagues to improve company efficiency in general.

Trevor McMahon, Alert Fire

QQI Level 6 Industrial Electrical Systems course: learner feedback

The instructor was very precise and knowledgeable, and coped well under the covid / distance arrangement, the content was very good and very well presented, and the equipment we used (kits) was very good, overall an enjoyable course.

Dave Allen, Amgen

The training kit and quizzes were very helpful combined with the theory. Without the training kit it would be the same as learning to drive a car without the car.

Māris Graf

Real-world feel to the training equipment, very hands on.

Jamie Curtin

The course itself was challenging, loads of content, some of the questions were tricky and needed to be read a couple of times to fully understand. Overall a very enjoyable experience and hopefully I will get to do the pneumatics course later in the year. Eoin is an excellent tutor and very helpful.

James Moulds, Diageo

Personally, for myself the interactive presentations are great especially the resources linked on some of the pages.  The training kits will always be the favourite as its hands-on experience driving home the theory.

Ross Freeburn, Vistamed

Great course overall. Wouldn’t be able to specify what helped the most as everything does tie in, but I would say though, that the help and explanations from Eoin along with the general layout of the course including all aspects are very helpful. The training kit is great at trying out what is learned from the presentations and to give a physical demonstration. Overall, I have learned a lot and am happy with the result.

Matas Jurciukonis

I really enjoyed the course. the training kit/rig is an excellent piece of kit and very useful at understanding schematics.

Niall Walsh, Amgen

Being able to access the course early online gave me more time to look over everything and gave a big head start, any questions I had Derek was able to answer them. For me, the training kit was excellent to put the theory into practice. really helped understand the safety relay etc.

David Lee, Kildare Brewing Company

I found the training equipment helpful in using the multi meter on its different settings, was also helpful for understanding resistors in different set ups.

Darragh Morris, Incus Power Ltd

After the course I am more aware of safety regulations and my responsibilities. Much more confidence in approaching electrical troubleshooting.

Paul Kirwan

The training equipment gave me hands on experience and the lecturing was of very high quality.  The lecturer was able to identify what level each student’s experience was at and adjust his teaching & pace accordingly.  Explanations would be given on tasks and the pace was dictated by the students understanding of the task in hand.
Doing the tasks/tests previously to using the training kit gave me a better understanding of what was being explained.  I felt the structure of the course was very well put together and the amount of students attending the class with the frequency of questions being asked was manageable.

Nina Qianzhang

After completing the Electrical Safety Awareness course online then proceeding on to The Industrial Electrical Systems training course I found myself developing a understanding of a number of electrical areas, from understanding electrical systems in depth (such as how each component relies on eachother and how to efficiently locate problems in a circuit) I also learned how to read electrical schematics (something I always found complicated in the past was explained in a easy to understand way). I can say I learned a number of factors on these courses, I found that they take the learner step by step building on your electrical knowledge and skills.
I enjoyed my learning time at Techno Training and find my knowledge growing on each module, I really like their simulation programs and the videos are very informative and easy for all to understand in my opinion. I would recommend their courses for all who want to progress in the electrical sector.

Hasan Bal

QQI Level 6 Programmable Logic Controllers course: learner feedback

This PLC course will help technicians & engineers to read and better understand industrial PLC code.
The simulation software used on this course is truly amazing and is a powerful tool to learn and develop the program, step by step. For me, the best part was programming using the Function Block Diagram (FBD) language in Control IO, then seeing this talk to the machine in Factory IO.
I also found FBD easier than Ladder Diagram to understand, build program, fault find and modify. Thanks again.

Vincent Mullin