Electrical Safety Awareness Training – online

Course Duration

8 hours

Upcoming Dates

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  • May 28th -
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This comprehensive online training course on Electrical Safety Awareness will heighten awareness of electrical hazards and provide a set of safe working practise and precautions that address risks for those working around LV systems.

Who should do this course:

This is suitable for those engaged in production maintenance and anyone who is required to work on or near electricity as part of their job role. Roles may include electricians, building contractors, construction workers, maintenance technicians and engineers. This course is designed to comply with the requirements of the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act 2007.

Why should I do this course

Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007, Clause 86, (Precautions when performing live work), it must be justifiable that persons chosen are the right people to be performing Live work. It would be reasonable to conclude that as a minimum they should receive training on the Awareness of Electrical Hazards.

Course Objectives


  • Evaluate the cause and effect relationship between voltage, current and resistance in series and parallel circuits
  • Explain the effects of electricity on the human body.
  • Explain how electricity is generated, transformed and distributed
  • Classify the effects of electricity on the human body
  • Describe LIVE work hazards
  • List the types of electrical fault and circuit protection devices and explain how they work
  • Perform a panel risk assessment for working De-energised to include verification of isolation, stored energy, exposed conductors
  • Evaluate why and when LOTO is required
  • Analyse past accidents and identify shortcomings that led to injury
  • Outline the procedures for working on equipment LIVE and De-energised
  • Discuss Legal obligations under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2007

Course Modules

Unit 1: Before meeting your instructor /

Electrical Safety Principles : Theory of Electricity, Distribution Systems, Fatal Accident database, Effects of Electricity on the human body, Electrical Fatality stats study, Safety Regulations. Circuit Protection Devices, PPE, Avoiding electrical hazards. Lock-out/Tag-out.

Unit 2: Shock Factors /

Online tutorial followed by quiz and instructor review in Webinar

The Effects of Electricity: magnetic, heating and chemical

The 4 Shock Factors

How electricity effects the human body

Engineering Controls: Earthing

Unit 3: Circuit Protection /

Online tutorial followed by quiz and instructor review in Webinar

Principle of operation and rating and marking for:





Unit 4: Safety at Work /

S.I. 299

Working De-energised

Working Energised

Case Studies

Unit 5: Using a Multi-meter /

The Safe operation of a multi-meter used to verify voltage

Unit 6: Assessment /

Final Assessment and Certification

Certification & Assessment

Learners will complete at short post course assessment and they will then receive a Technotraining certificate of Achievement. For a QQI certified programme they can progress on to the QQI Level 6 Industrial Electrical Systems course.

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