The Learning Experience

Whether in-class or online in a self-paced course, you can expect a quality learning experience

We offer high-impact upskilling for engineers and technicians, allowing them to improve their logical thinking and become better problem-solvers. Our courses are delivered online, offline, and as a blended experience.

Our expert technical trainers

All our instructors are highly qualified subject matter experts with excellent experience and insight into the sectors we operate in. They are professionals with a passion for, and track record in, education. This ensures a highly engaging learning experience, excellent knowledge transmission, and excellent success rates in passing exams.

We work hard to ensure that taking one of our courses will contribute to developing you as a professional as well as providing you with a certification. We give you the skills and understanding to transform your approach at work, develop your problem-solving abilities, and make you more effective in your job.

Our classroom learning experience

We deliver face-to-face teaching at a number of facilities in Dublin and nationwide. As with our online offer, classes are kept small to ensure a high-quality learning experience for everyone – typical class sizes would range from six to twelve people only.

The comfortable classrooms are fully equipped with audio-visual equipment. You can, of course, expect refreshments and lunch while you are with us and there is on-site parking for those who drive.

Classroom training benefits from additional online learning elements, where you will either work live with the tutor or in self-directed exercises. You will gain access to additional resources and also be able to revise and practice concepts learned on the course.

Our online learning experience

We have a dedicated online learning management system for those who take online or blended learning courses. When you are enrolled on a course, you are given immediate access to this online environment where you can access your learning materials, download resources and take quizzes, as well as complete group work and assessments. To maximise your learning experience, we will often recommend that you complete some pre-course work.

Online learning allows you to go deeper into the subject, if you want to, by repeating practical exercises, going back over lessons, and taking additional quizzes in your own time. Timetables are usually spread out over time to avoid too much disruption to your work schedule, meaning you can put in more hours than during the pure classroom experience.

Many of our learners have found this opportunity to dig deeper into the materials has really aided in their professional development.

Custom-made training equipment

Most of our courses use desktop equipment to allow for the hands-on acquisition of practical skills. The aim is to put technology within a context that exposes learners to real-life problems. These bespoke training rigs are custom-made by us and therefore completely unique to Technotraining. Because we place such importance on building your confidence and practical competence in diagnosing problems, training rigs are provided for both online and offline learning.

Learn practical technical skills with our bespoke desktop training rigs - Technotraining Ireland

We may also take learners on a tour of the building we are running the training from to look at a real-life demonstration of the subject matter.