Corporate Training & Services

We're trusted by household names to deliver technical training and consultancy services

Technotraining partners with corporate clients across Ireland and internationally. For decades, we have been trusted by household names such as Boston Scientific, Veolia, Irish Rail, , HP, DAA, IBM, Amazon and Pfizer. These organisations come back to us time and again to meet their training and consulting needs.

Learning & Development

We work with you to identify your training requirements and then create bespoke solutions that deliver the work-ready skills you need. You may want to pick from our existing public courses or we can run a course onsite for you meaning employees do not need to travel to another training venue. We can tailor training based on your company’s specific mix of equipment and processes.

Course content can be customised to include site-specific safety hazards or applications, such as schematics from the machines in your facility. Our courses are interactive and focused on the application in the workplace. Discussions and activities based on real-world examples are used to provide your employees with the knowledge they need to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Partner with Technotraining to offer your staff career progression opportunities such as standalone training modules, CPD courses, credit-rated certifications, ongoing programmes, and refresher sessions.

We work with multinationals as well as Irish indigenous companies and have delivered training and consultancy around the world. We are agile in our approach and can upskill your engineers and technicians in the precise areas you need for your mission-critical systems – with or without accreditation. Our goal is to address skills and knowledge gaps to achieve less equipment downtime, better compliance with safety legislation, and reduced cost of repairs.

Needs analysis

With our long track record and expert engineering team, we have the industry-aware focus to carry out a needs analysis for your organisation and demonstrate where you can provide learning and development. Our expertise will help you stay ahead of demand with proactive testing of your team’s competence. This approach will allow your organisation to operate in a safe manner – avoiding potential accidents and helping to save costs with more efficient troubleshooting.

Some ways we might carry this out are:

  • a training programme to assess the competence of maintenance technicians;
  • annual testing to keep skills current and assess people’s retention of skills and knowledge; and
  • online self-directed learning activities to demonstrate understanding of safety policies.

Recruitment support

We are constantly innovating in our methods for both engaging and assessing learners. We have developed many novel ways to search for skills and knowledge gaps and strengths. We can carry out bespoke technical assessments of candidates during recruitment which will provide fast and accurate reporting to help you with your decision-making process.

We can create either an evaluation-based or problem-solving testing approach depending on your needs. Face-to-face appraisals of potential employees can also be carried out. Where needed, a white label testing environment can be provided for you to manage yourselves – registration, testing, analysis, etc.

Bespoke training equipment

We create customised desk-top training rigs that are both robust and portable. These are ideal for situations where your organisation requires bespoke kits for your own in-house training activities. We can design specific, tailored equipment that replicates your internal processes – allowing you to train without turning off essential services.

Get in touch

As a company of respected engineers and specialists, we can offer consultancy in areas such as emergency lighting or provide advice on good practice and standards. If you think that we may be able to support you with any of the above areas, please get in touch.