Using specialist mobile equipment and software which replicate real scenarios, we ensure that learners learn quickly and effectively, enabling them to work to the highest standards. We can also tailor training solutions and equipment to fit your specific needs so please contact us to discuss bespoke packages.

Fire Safety Systems

The competence of those issuing certificates relating to building Life safety systems is under increasing scrutiny. QQI accredited courses in Emergency Lighting have become an industry standard. These courses and our Fire Alarm Servicing course assist individuals in demonstrating competence according to I.S. 3217/3218 standards.

QQI Award (Special Purpose) Level 6 /

Emergency Lighting Commissioning

This Emergency lighting commissioning course enables learners to certify and report on the condition of new and existing installations with reference to  IS3217:2017, the National Standard on Emergency Lighting.   Who should attend Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Consultants, Fire Officers, Property Maintenance Contractors, Specialist Emergency Lighting Contractors. Why should I attend It...Read More

CLASSROOM December 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th
€ 850 per Attendee

A two-day course in commissioning fire detection and alarm systems /

Commissioning of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to I.S. 3218

This course aims to enable you to certify Fire Alarm systems, have the confidence to speak with authority on I.S. 3218, and to work skilfully with panels and configuration software. With very experienced instructors, innovative training kits and case studies that expose the Commissioner to a range of practical challenges, this training course presents an ideal opportunity to build confidence and...Read More

October 20th, 21st
€ 500 per attendee

QQI Award (Special Purpose) Level 6 /

Emergency Lighting Design

The course is aimed at those who wish to demonstrate their competence in the signing of Emergency Lighting Design Certificates or for Electrical Contractors who wish to Design, Install and Commission their own smaller installations. It focuses on content that is not relevant to Commissioners and relevant to Designers only. Who should attend Those who have already completed the Emergency Lighting...Read More

2021 - November 19th
€ 295

Fire Alarm Servicing

The Fire Alarm Servicing Training course is aimed at those who wish to perform quarterly inspections, maintain fire alarm systems and use best-in-class documentation to ensure traceability. It will enable learners to maintain and functionally test conventional and addressable fire alarm systems according to I.S. 3218:2013. Who should attend Electrical Contractors, Property Maintenance...Read More

Maintenance Skills

All our maintenance courses enable technicians to safely install, set-up and troubleshoot automated production equipment. These are highly valued skills and graduates from our QQI Level 6 courses add great value to employers.

Portable Appliance Testing PAT Training

Course Objectives: Our Portable Appliance Testing PAT Training Course is run in accordance with Regulation 81 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 states that an employer shall ensure, where appropriate, that a competent person should: Test portable equipment Certify that portable electric appliances (including any cables and plugs) was, on the...Read More

Electrical Principles

NEXT AVAILABLE COURSE: September 6th |  PRICE: Please contact us for Skills to Advance funding details Our Electrical Principles course will equip learners with the knowledge, skills and competencies in the principles underpinning the functioning of electrical circuits. An understanding of fundamental principles leads to a true understanding of electrical hazards and will result in safer...Read More

QQI Award (Minor) Level 6 6N5377 /

Industrial Electrical Systems

NEXT AVAILABLE COURSE: October 20th (Cork) November 11th (Dublin |  PRICE: €1300 per candidate The Industrial Electrical Systems training course develops the skills required by industrial maintenance technicians to safely diagnose and repair faults in electrically controlled equipment. We offer a uniquely practical course focused on replicating real-life scenarios using specialist industrial...Read More

CORK (Day 1 online) October 20th, 27th, 28th, 29th, Nov 4th
€ 1300 Payment plans available. Contact us for more details.

Electrical Safety Awareness Training – online

This comprehensive online training course on Electrical Safety Awareness will heighten awareness of electrical hazards and provide a set of safe working practise and precautions that address risks for those working around LV systems. Who should do this course: This is suitable for those engaged in production maintenance and anyone who is required to work on or near electricity as part of their...Read More

QQI Award (Minor) Level 6 6N5370 /

Programmable Logic Controllers

Our Programmable Logic Controllers Training course will enable maintenance staff to interrogate a PLC system to determine the cause of machine faults. The course is usually run using Allen Bradley PLCs but we can also offer Omron. Who should attend Maintenance personnel who would like to enhance their skills by using PLC logic as a means of diagnosing machine faults. Why should I...Read More

CLASSROOM - 2022, January 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st
€ 1200 per Attendee

QQI Award (Minor) Level 6 6N5375 /

Pneumatics Systems Maintenance

Pneumatic systems are widely used in production equipment. This course is designed to enable learners to maintain and fault find pneumatic systems in a safe manner. Who should attend Maintenance Technicians Why Should I attend Effective pneumatic fault finding  reduces mean time to repair equipment and therefore saves time and money for your organisation. We also offer the opportunity to...Read More

ONLINE October 18th, 19th, 26th, 27th
€ 1100

Digital Sensors

This Digital Sensors training course enables learners to install, set-up and fault-find a comprehensive range of digital sensors wired to PLC input cards. Who should attend Maintenance and Process technicians Why should I attend All fault messages are triggered by sensors or combinations of sensors giving signals outside performance requirements. With a fault message you can always ask, “what...Read More

In-house course, contact office for more information


Our unique set of troubleshooting courses give learners a robust set of proven thinking skills that navigate solutions to the 20% of problems that create 80% of production downtime.

Simutech Troubleshooting software, complete bundle, annual licence /

Simutech Troubleshooting software, complete bundle

Systematic Troubleshooting

Our Systematic Troubleshooting training course introduces a robust set of strategies for effective troubleshooting. The challenge is one of change management on a personal and company level. This is achieved by a heightened degree of self-awareness that allows us to break out of the prison of pattern thinking, enabling us to control where our attention is directed and become world-class...Read More

April 20, 21
In-house course, contact office for more information
€ 2700

Electrical Troubleshooting

Up your game. This module of Electrical Troubleshooting training is a natural follow-on from the QQI Level 6 Industrial Electrical Systems course. All of that electrical knowledge and skills can now bear fruit by practicing logical troubleshooting methods on panels with a large range of fault complexity and a range of computerised application simulations. Who should attend Maintenance and Process...Read More

Park West, Dublin 12
€ 595

Communications for Engineers

Course in development..
In-house course, contact office for more information